Lies you have been told about mobile car audio installation

High speaker cables are better than standard ones

Capacitance, resistance and inductance are the only ones that affect the performance of radio frequencies. The reason is because the signal has no idea of whether it is being transmitted via expensive or cheap RLC. To avoid associated problems, you should consider paying closer attention to resistance especially when there is a longer connection.

Tubes are good for high powered transmitters

There are many attractive options of tubes in the market. A tube amplifier that has higher distortion will require more servicing.

Antidigital lie

It’s a lie that digital sound is inferior to analog sound. You should consider comparing a digitalized audio to a newspaper photograph that is made of dots. You should always remember that a compact disc cannot manage to resolve high audio frequencies

Listening test lie

You can perform any sound test by yourself without the help of other participants. In this case, you can easily verify the transparency of inserted devices using a straight bypass. Keep in mind that negative feedback is important to every circuit designer. If you have any question regarding mobile car audio installation, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at